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Voices is a wind chime sound installation. Made of wood, steel cable, reclaimed plastic, and aluminum tubing, single note wind chimes are spread throughout Dry Gulch Park between Federal and Sheridan Boulevards in Denver. Structures are attached to pedestrian bridges and disc golf tee boxes throughout the transportation corridor, creating an immersive sound experience as pedestrians and cyclists move through the space. Installed on December 16, 2018 and up through July 2019, the single note chimes are not pitched in conventional harmony and therefore encourage patience and careful listening. In partnership with West Colfax Association of Neighbors, the project was funded through Denver Arts & Venues P.S. You Are Here grant.

Homelessness and transience inspired Voices. After the Unauthorized Camping Ordinance of 2012, many people experiencing homelessness in Denver were forced out of the city center, away from the majority of services targeting homelessness. People began living in Dry Gulch Park in the months and years following. Voices attempts to capture the feeling and essence of being homeless, never at home, always on the move without resolution.

Concept by Michael John McKee


Wind Chimes Bring Attention to Unheard Voices by Cori Anderson

Wind Chimes Give Voice to the Homeless by Cleo Mirza

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