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Music for Acrolite Snare Drums, released August 2016, is a composition and performance project in which three percussionists compose and perform music that include only Acrolite snare drums. More than a toy but less than a professional instrument, Acrolite snare drums were first produced by Ludwig Drums in 1961, marketed to school band programs. While paying homage to the dying school music program, Music for Acrolite Snare Drums explores the rules and possibilities of minimalism, indeterminacy, world music and improvisation. Sheet music is available for purchase here


Head & Heart composed by Luke Wachter
The Edge composed by Rachel Hargroder
Waking the Machine composed by Michael John McKee 

Recorded and mixed by Brian Hunter at Sawtelle Recording Studio
Video edited by Mike Trujillo

Concept by Michael John McKee

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