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Lucier Reductions is an experimental recording project that mimics the process of I Am Sitting in a Room by Alvin Lucier. One or more performers record some sound; the sounds are played back in the space and recorded again. That recording is played back in the space and recorded again, and so on. After ten recordings - or "reductions" - the initial performance is reduced to natural resonance and reverberation of the space in which it was recorded. Contracted by The Wit Theatre Company for the the production of Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl, running June 5-20, 2015, Crossroads Theater was used as the recording and reduction space. All reductions were edited as incidental music for the play.


Eurydice is the story of a journey Orpheus takes to the underworld from the perspective of his dead wife. The version from Sarah Ruhl serves as a modern story of separation, both physical and emotional. As the dramatic borders of the underworld warp memories and knowledge, so does Lucier Reductions use the physical performance space to transform the emotional content of the original improvisation. 

Neil McCormick - bass
Michael John McKee - percussion

Recorded and mixed by Steve Varney at Crossroads Theater

Concept by Neil McCormick

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